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May 6, 2010
The second intervention in an ongoing series at the Witzenhausen Gallery in Chelsea, NYC.
Created and written by [sic]

There are three works within this intervention, each consisting of a 4"X5" stretched canvas coated with black magnetic paint, along with a black magnetic paint stroke on wall nearby. The canvases and strokes contain white magnetic squares with typed black text and were located throughout the gallery. Magnetic text on the canvases and strokes (from top left to bottom right):

[on black frame] this is an object
[on black stroke] not a painting

[on black frame] this is a painting
[on black stroke] not an object

[on black frame] this is the black
[on black stroke] iheart red too

Click on the thumbnails below to see these pieces in more detail:

The evolution of this intervention stemmed from an interaction with the two other exhibiting artists, Michael Scott and Roland Schimmel, the day before the opening. My planned works until that point consisted of drawings on the canvases paired with poetic text, at that point rough conceptual poetry idea riffing Harold and the Purple Crayon, a favorite childhood book.

The rough appears below:

When Michael and Roland saw this, they asked to speak to me aside, commenting that the planned pieces seemed a bit too much like "objects" or "paintings", that the the blackness could be mistaken for the work in black within their work.

They suggested that I return gestural strokes and poetry of intervention 001, which they felt was more clearly delineated as markings on the gallery walls. I thanked them for their input, returned to the studio, and created the three pieces shown above for the show the next day.

To help contextualize this show, a few of Michael Scott and Roland Schimmel works are shown below, respectively, please click thumbnails to see more detail:


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