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Lund 2014 (Lund, Sweden)
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Phillips de Pury "iheart" highlight

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St. Helena, California, May 2009

the "iheart poetics" series explores mutable texts as interactive visual poetry. an original poem is written; its language is split apart and produced as large-scale magnets, then re-assembled on a steel wall installation.

these temporal writings are time-specific; each morning, the original poem is composed on the wall, with an encouragment to rearrange the text. additional vocabulary related to the poem's framing is available within the installation setting. the next morning, the poem is reset to its original state and the process begins anew.

with "iheart poetics", the personal world and vocabulary of each poetics project is established by [sic], then evolves over time through the hand of its audience. "iheart poetics" imagines the code of reality as an organic, chaotic I/O matrix, where nothing is fixed and the line blurs between individual and group.

in this scenario, the recipient of structure is also its producer. The narrative frame is establisehd yet flexible; within a temporary and often collaborative creation network, the observer may witness and participate in its transmogrifications across time.

[sic] extends a special thanks to Caroline Lund and Lund 2014 for their support of "iheart poetics".






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