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October, 2009
The Drop, Chelsea, NYC
Created and written by [sic]
Music : "igor goes to hollywood", from "hess is more - democracy"  by jenno, nikolaj & mikkel hess

iheart poetics 003 was created for The Drop in Chelsea, within a show titled "2012+", an exhibition that investigated "the relationship of the urban-based artist and city dweller to their environs, from the city, to how they situate themselves in relationship to the environment on a global level."

In this installation, I created a a large scale poetics work on steel, suspended on chains from the ceiling, flanked by the poem's added vocabulary. This was paired with a new development within the poetics project, where poems are created in realtime, in varying degrees of collaborative process, channeled through my hands into a 1950s Smith Corona typewriter. Typing on magnet paper, the poems became cut-ups via scissor, placed and/or edited on wood-framed steel canvases that were blank at the start of the exhibition.

The original poem:

the journey to the east
a rising sun in the west
light spiraling dark rifts
to decipher the enigma
a ghost in the shell
morphing the genesis of form
across an eternal spectrum
where strange bodies attract
2012 + - ? =
a wish
a circular binary
parting the veil
a dedication to every word
world piece
world peace

Other featured artists in The Drop:

Yoko Ono
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Paul D. Miller
Mamoru Oshii
ON Megumi Akiyoshi
John Ahearn
Rainer Ganahl
Luis Mallo

Chen Ching-Yao
Ali Hossaini
Jing Ai
Nayia Frangouli
Raquel Rabinovich
Julian Montague
Julia Chiang
Mary Ting

Adrian Kondratowicz
Peter Garfield
Sungmi Lee
Robert Pirretti
Mimmo Roselli
Manuel Acevedo
Fred Fleisher and Marguerite Day

Saya Woolfalk
Zhou Yi
Hiroshi Sunairi
Ula Einstein
Midori Harima

The Drop credits:

Alexandra Chang and Mie Iwatsuki

Curatorial Advisory Board
Koan Jeff Baysa
Julia P. Herzberg
Robert C. Morgan
Christopher Phillips
Franklin Sirmans
Lilly Wei
Sally Wu

Exhibition Designer
Ceren Bingol

Associate Curator
Adrienne Lei

Curatorial Assistant
Michelle Yee

Gloria Sachs

Thanks to Rhett Butler for providing artist in residence at E.R. Butler enabling the creation of this installation. Ceren Bingol, Tahir Hemphill and Brent Harada for all the help on installation. Andy Anderson for the all the sound construction advice and support. Koan Baysa and Ali Hossaini for their support throughout. Mikkel Hess for the kind donation of his music to score the film. All the friends and family who participated and helped bring this installation to life.

All content [sic]



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